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It's the technology age. Today you need an app to try on pants. The thing is, technology can make things faster and easier - like getting a snack or something to drink. With nearly limitless selection, tons of fresh food, all the best brands, and a simple, easy transaction process, the micro-market is here to stay!


The micro-market is a proven innovation in workplace food service, providing 24/7 self-service access to a range of fresh and healthy foods and beverages. Items include salads, yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit, veggie snacks, new-age drinks, teas, as well as the traditional snacks. At our micro-markets consumers can see the nutritional information of the items before purchasing and can check for freshness. They simply scan the item and then pay at the Kiosk with a loaded-value card, credit card, fingerprint or the CK App.

The micro-market system eliminates lost money and refund hassles, ensures freshness and inventory control. Employees aren’t leaving work as often to grab a snack or lunch, so productivity increases. Plus, having a micro-market on site is perceived as an employee benefit, since there is so much more variety than traditional vending.


Always Open and Serving Fresh Food

You micro-markets are there when your team needs them and we'll make sure they're stocked and ready when duty calls.


We're the Best in the Business

We helped develop the micro-market platform. You simply cannot get better service.

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