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Founded on midwestern values and committed to personalized local service, Dynamic Vending has served the St. Louis Metro for more than 30 years. Much has changed in the last three decades, in the city, and in the way business gets done. What hasn't changed is Dynamic's commitment to serving organizations across the region.

From our beginning with just a few machines, to becoming a regional division of Canteen, Dynamic has changed with the times. Today we offer much more than traditional vending; we provide food service coupled with the convenience of technology in micro-markets, and cashless vending options.



You want great products and great service. One without the other does you no good. Dynamic has a long history of providing both, day in, and day out. Our operations are structured around the needs of our clients. We operate day and night, rain or shine, to make sure you and your team get the service you deserve.

Great service means reliability. We use only the best equipment and technology, and we have a dedicated service department for installation and maintenance. That means there's nothing we can't fix, and no situation we haven't seen before. We can anticipate problems before they happen and address any modifications quickly and efficiently.


You don't need to wonder how to take care of your team, or trust your service to amateurs.


There's no reason to settle for less than the best. Our service doesn't cost your business a thing. We're a benefit you provide your employees to enhance your company culture.

Not only to we install the best equipment, we offer advanced technology including cashless payment, no hassle refunds, product requests, nutrition tracking, even promotional discounts through our App!


We carry all the national brands, regional favorites, plus all the latest and greatest that people are looking for these days. Our position as a division of Canteen gives us incredible flexibility in purchasing and distribution.

But we don't just sell food, we make it too. We operate a world-class production commissary where we make fresh food for distribution to our clients on a daily basis. That means we can provide constant variety and a wide range of healthier options.




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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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